Our Products & Services

that are suitable, reliable, cost effecient and safe.

Products and Services

We have delivered a vast array of vessels that meet the needs of our customers.

From the preliminary design, selection of equipments to furnishing details, we maintain a close relationship with our customers. Equipment chosen must be fit for purpose and reliable; highest considerations given to the operations, easy maintenance and reliability of the vessel. Accommodation layout and furnishing must be practical, comfortable while aesthetically pleasing.

During the building stage, we have in place technologies, qualified procedures and stringent quality controls to ensure quality build and finishing. Every processes undergo at least three stages of control check which includes our QC check, our engineers check, Class. surveryor's check and equipment supplier's verification.

Ultimately, we deliver vessels that are purposefully built

to be effective, reliable and of value to our customers.

Our records proves our capability of producing a wide range for vessels in both steel and aluminium of various complexity or simplicity to suit our clients needs.

Steel Vessels

OSV, PSV, AHT, Oil Recovery, Multipurpose Vessel, Survey Vessel, Bouy Tender, Container, Landing Crafts... etc.

  • 40m Utility Service Vessel

    40m Utility Service Vessel

    319 T
    84 m2
    12 knots
    40 m
    10 m
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  • 49m Survey Vessel

    49m Survey Vessel

    11.5 knots
    3280 kW
    49.5 m
    12 m
    4.6 m
    3.1 m
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  • 51m Offshore Support/Oil Recovery Vessel

    51m Offshore Support/Oil Recovery Vessel

    872 tonnes
    380 tonnes
    10 knots
    51 m
    13.8 m
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Aluminium Vessels

Crew Boats, High Speed Interceptor Craft, Patrol Boats, Pilot Boats... etc.

  • 38m Fast Crewboat

    38m Fast Crewboat

    27 knots
    106 m2
    3356 kW
    38 m
    7.85 m
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  • 38m Aluminium Crew Boat

    38m Aluminium Crew Boat

    27 knots
    110 m2
    3355 kW
    38 m
    7.85 m
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  • 17M PC Class Boat

    17M PC Class Boat

    48 knots
    1640 kW
    17.2 m
    3.96 m


Steel / Aluminium Vessels

Steel hull with an aluminum superstructure may be a cost effective solution to your special need.
With expertise in both steel and aluminum boat building, we can build and deliver on time.

  • 30m Research Vessel

    30m Research Vessel

    13 T
    225 T
    8 knots
    29.9 m
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Repair & Conversion Service

We have been a major service provider for maintenance and repair work to a wide range of vessels from river tugs and barges to ocean going vessels, aluminium high speed crafts and the Royal Malaysian Navy Ships.