Sarawak Slipways Sdn. Bhd. (88120-W)

Based in Malaysia, we have built and repaired over a thousand vessels
ranging from simple tugs to sophisticated OSV and high speed patrol crafts
for customers around the world.

Steel Vessels

OSV, AHT, PSV, Oil Recovery Vessel, ... etc.


Aluminium Vessels

Crew Boat, Patrol Boat, Pilot Boat, ... etc.


Repair & Conversion

Quality workmanship at competitive pricing.


About Us

We are committed to quality,
efficiency, cost competitiveness, health and safety.


From a humble beginning in 1947, we have grown to build and repair vessels ranging from tugs, aluminium vessels to sophisticated OSV for the Oil & Gas industry, Royal Malaysian Navy and customers world wide...

Capable and Efficient

Sarawak Slipways keeps a flat organisation structure to ensure our decisions making and production processes are lean, efficient and able to respond to customer requirements rapidly. Our group of highly competent...

Health & Safety

Safety of vital importance in our day-to-day activities. We maintain a strict HSE standard in both our repair and new construction yard. The lives and property of customers and employees are most valuable to us...

Product & Services Overview

High quality cost effective solutions delivered on time satisfying recent
IMO resolutions and standards (eg. MLC 2006, SPS 2008, PSPC, EEDI, BWMC,... etc.)

  • 49m Survey Vessel

    49m Survey Vessel

    11.5 knots
    3280 kW
    49.5 m
    12 m
    4.6 m
    3.1 m
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  • 51m Offshore Support/Oil Recovery Vessel

    51m Offshore Support/Oil Recovery Vessel

    872 tonnes
    380 tonnes
    10 knots
    51 m
    13.8 m
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  • 58m Utility Vessel

    58m Utility Vessel

    1671 T
    380 m2
    12 knots
    58.3 m
    13.8 m
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  • 40m Twin Screw Tug

    40m Twin Screw Tug

    45 T
    2982 kW
    40 m
    11.4 m
    4 m
    750 T
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  • 38m Fast Crewboat

    38m Fast Crewboat

    27 knots
    106 m2
    3356 kW
    38 m
    7.85 m
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  • IC16M2 Interceptor Boats

    IC16M2 Interceptor Boats

    50 knots
    1618 kW
    17.2 m
    3.96 m


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"We are committed to produce ships and provide ship repair services of high quality at optimum cost."
- Managing Director